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a Google a day

Looking to help your students improve their online searching skills? 
With more and more of the world's content online, it is critical that students understand how to effectively use web search to find quality sources appropriate to their task. 
Check out Google A Day Classroom challenges and help your students put their search skills to the test, and to get your classroom engaged and excited about using technology to discover the world around them.

Become an Apple Distinguished Educators.

If you are using Apple products to transform teaching in your classroom?   Then this is for you.
Learn how to become an ADE

Edit Microsoft Office files using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Did you know you can now edit Microsoft Office files in G Suite without converting them from their native format?

This isBIG NEWSfor corporate users that are required to use Microsoft Office but want the flexibility to share and collaborate on files with their colleagues.

With Office editing, you can now edit, comment, and collaborate on Microsoft Office files using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This feature brings the collaboration benefits of G Suite to Office files while streamlining workflows by eliminating the need to convert file types.
How to get started:In Google Drive, double-click your Office file. This will open a preview of the file. At the top, click Open in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. From here, you can edit, share, view version history, collaborate in real-time with others, and more. All changes you make will be saved to the original Office file. Additional details: The following Office file types are supported:  Word files: .doc, .docx, .dot Excel files: .xls, .xlsx…

Global Day of Design

The 2019 Global Day of Design will be held on May 6th!

Last year over 100,000 students from four different continents participated in the second annual Global Day of Design. The hashtag went viral as students and teachers shared and launched their creative projects all day long around the globe. This year, we are doing it again, and we can’t wait to see what students design, build, and make! For more details visit John Spencer's blog @

How to quickly switch search engines

Did you know you can use alternate search engines without changing your default search engine?
In the Chrome Browser you can add different search engines and quickly toggle between them by editing the Keywords for them in your search engine list. 
Right click on your Omnibar and click Edit search engines...
Look for the DuckDuckGo entry and select it The middle column enter a short and memorable keyword, like du for instance Click

Google Drive search methods

Having trouble finding things in your Google Drive?
Here are some tips to improve your Drive search results: Filter your Drive search results
To find files more easily in Drive, you can narrow search results by filtering them. On your computer, go to the top, type a word or phrase into the search box.To narrow your search, click the Down arrow .Fill out any of the following sections:Type: File types such as documents, images, or PDFs.Date modified: The date a file was last edited.Item name: Searches only for the title of the file.Has the words: Searches for words and phrases within documents.Owner: The person the file belongs to.Shared with: Who can view, comment, or edit the file.Location: Whether the file is in a specific folder, "Trash," or "Starred."Follow up: If the file has action items assigned to you, or suggestions in files you own.At the bottom, click Search.

If the built-in filters are insufficient then you could try some advanced tricks. A…

Using Technology to Promote Leadership, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Inquiry Based Learning

The Grade 6 students at Holy Cross were invited to attend an engaging student-led technology exploration session.
The purpose of the session was to demonstrate the variety of technology, coding, and robotics available at the school and how they might incorporate this into their learning.

Mrs. Sloan’s nine Grade 6 students were tasked with providing hands-on support to the other 75 Grade 6 students while promoting a learning environment where students felt comfortable and safe exploring technology.

You can now add AUDIO to Google Slides

The wait is over, you can now add audio files to your Google Slide presentations.  

Check out Alice Keeler's  Google Slides Online Course for Teachers  to see why she refers to Google Slides as the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite. The video is full of examples of how you can use Google Slides as so much more than just a presentation tool.

100 Writing Prompts for Middle School

View John Spencers Original Blog Post @
Over 100 visual and video writing prompts for grades 6-8. Here’s a one-minute preview video:
One of the best aspects of being a teacher is watching students go from saying, “I hate writing,” to being so passionate about writing that they refuse to stop when the bell rings. In these moments, it can feel like magic. While there are many ways to spark the love of writing, one of my favorite strategies is a video or visual writing prompt. For over a decade, I have been creating authentic, teacher-tested writing prompts to spark the love of writing with even the most reluctant writer. Right now, you can download a set of 100+ writing prompts (plus 30 video prompts) for free. Simply visit John's original blog post to add your email address he will send you a PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF with the prompts.

Creative Writing Prompts Some of the prompts focus on creative writing, like this prompt:
Personal Narrativ…