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Tech Showcase Notes - Doug Sadler


Embedded below are the slides I used during the PD session on Friday.  I hope you find a use for them.  The Evernote web clipper tool is fantastic and a great way to start storing your content in Evernote.  The free account should meet your needs for years.

Log into the Chrome Browser

Consider the benefits of logging into the Chrome Browser.  Sync your browser experience so you have the same setup at every location you work.  The slides are embedded below.

We look forward to our next tech event!!

Guest Post: Creating Assessments with Google Forms

This is a summary of a session that was run by Paul Gebrael on our tech PD day last week to create a Google Form for surveys, quizzes and tests.

Step 1: Log into your MyTools2Go (or Gmail) account

Step 2: Select your drive

Step 3: Create a Google form. Go to New→ More→ Google Forms
Step 4: Begin creating your Google Form! This video may help
Step 5: Once you have completed your Form, send out the live link. You can do this by creating a  You could create a group in gmail. You could add the link to your Google Classroom or LMS Website.
Step 6: Collecting your responses. After your students have completed the test, quiz etc, their information is stored in a spreadsheet. Step 7: Grading your assessment. Once you have collected your results, you will then run an add-on called Flubaroo. You will go to 1. Add-ons, 2. Grade assignment. This video may help: Next, you’ll be prompted to assign weights to each question, discard questions etc.Leave it as the default, unless you have special quest…

Get Your #Hashtag On

If you are new to Social Media, hashtags may not seem important or useful.  The reality is, they are an integral part of our online communication.  

What is a #hashtag you ask?   
A hashtag starts with the pound symbol (#) and is followed by a single word (or words smashed together), no spaces.

The use of hashtags began with Twitter and has expanded to other forms of Social Media.  The ability to search, organize and track a particular topic has made them beneficial in both social, educational and business settings.  WIth over 3 million users on Twitter, hashtags are an efficient way to find more information about topics you are interested in.   

When hashtags are used, they are kind of like subject lines of emails. They help you focus on the topic of the post. When we hear about things “trending” often what that refers to are the popular use of specific hashtags. For example on any given Thursday the popularity of the hashtag #tbt (throw back Thursday) tends to go up as people post there…