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Guest Post: EDpuzzle- Import Videos and Incorporate Questions

EDpuzzle is a free tool that allows you to import videos from sources such as Youtube, Ted Talks, etc and then edit the videos and incorporate questions for the students to complete into the videos.  The program then tallies the performance of your students and displays the results.

Personally I have used it for: Review of material Flipped Classroom Completing simple material that I do not want to spend class time on.

The students I have used it with have found it very easy to use and seem to enjoy interacting with the videos.  Furthermore, once an EDpuzzle is created it is available for anyone to use, so you can search EDpuzzle itself for videos related to your topic of interest.

Instructions for Setting up an EDpuzzle

Step 1 - Create a teacher account Simple follow the onscreen instructions.  I would recommend using your Mytools2go account as your log in.

Step 2 - Create a Class

Once you are logged in as a teacher you will see a screen like the one above and you will select ‘A…

Caution on new Iphone iOS 9 Feature

The new iOS 9 has a new feature that will allow your iphone to switch between your data plan and wifi to keep a strong uninterrupted signal.  This feature is on by default.  Keep an eye on this!  It can be very useful but some social media apps and other websites can pull some major bandwidth quickly!  This is OK on wifi but if your iphone switches automatically between the two you may get a very high unwelcomed data bill!

Please look for a more detailed report here: