Friday, May 20, 2016

Need More Space? Perhaps Google SPACES is what you are looking for???

 Get Google SpacesGoogle Spaces is a brand new tool from Google that will allow the user to quickly create their own SPACE online for discussions.  Before you read ANY further I want everyone to be aware that at the time of this post Spaces is a few days old and is NOT available for GAFE, Apps for Work, or MyTools2Go users yet.....  If you want to try it out you will have to use your own personal Gmail account.  Think of this as a primer of what is to come!

The Spaces App is available on iOS and Android Devices.  Feel free to 
access my sample Space by clicking HERE.  Feel free to leave some comments and 

test it out.  Spaces is a powerful version of Google+ that can allow for quick sharing of Pictures, Text, and links.  The tool really promotes conversation on individual comments by adding pictures, stickers, or more links on each individual post

Students will enjoy how easy and visual it is.  This tool could be used to discuss upcoming events to organize, research topics, class discussions, and resource sharing.  

Teachers should be cautioned that this tool is inherently wide open.  Anyone with the link can access the Space and participate at this time. 

I will post again when it is available for GAFE so for now try it out with your own personal Gmail account!

Doug Sadler 

Brennan Hosts Student Led Technology Summit

On Friday, April 22nd F.J. Brennan High School held a Student Led Technology Summit for 540 elementary students.  Each of the Grade 5, 6, and seven students in attendance arrived at Brennan with their own devices ready for a day of hands-on learning.  Sixty student leaders from Brennan High School came in on their PD Day to facilitate and support these “future Cards”.  Students enjoyed 3 x 50-minute sessions where they where they focused
on variety topics such as iMovie, Computer Programming, and Google Apps for Education.  
For a TEACHER Reflection on the day, please visit Miss Brooks Has Class Blog for information on this and many other topics!

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