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Hour of Code is coming

Over the last three years the Hour of Code has reached more than 100 million students in over 180 countries. Last year, you helped make this the largest learning event in history, with record participation from girls and underrepresented minorities.

This year, help us reach every student with the opportunity to learn.

Sign up your classroom today and get ready to do an Hour of Code with your class! Feel free to follow our easy how-to guide. You can even do an Hour of Code without Internet or computers!

Help us reach even more people by forwarding this email to another teacher. Or forward it to a principal to get your whole school on board!

Watch the Video

Computers are changing every industry on the planet, and coding has become relevant to a wide range ofhigh-paying jobs—even those outside the technology and engineering fields. For millions of students, theHour of Code will be an inspiring introduction to this crucial 21st century skill. Want a technology professional to volunteer in your …

Four Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs

Four Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs as posted on by Eric Curts In the past when a student turned in the paper copy of their essay, story, report, or project, it was common for their teacher to pull out a red pen to provide handwritten feedback on the pages of the student's work. Feedback is a critical part of the learning process, providing helpful information on strengths, weaknesses, and guidance for improvement.

Now with tools such as Google Docs and Classroom, it is easy for students to create and submit their work digitally. So how does a teacher leave feedback on an electronic document? As we move from paper and pencil to Docs and digital, we need options for providing feedback that is valuable to the student, but not cumbersome and unnatural for the teacher to create.

Thankfully there are many excellent options for creating teacher feedback for digital work. In this post we are going to take a look at four specific options. These include tools f…

iEarn - Global Projects and Activities

Interested in connecting your students globally?  Check out these projects hosted by iEarn (International Education and Resource Network):

Money Matters Project
We invite you and your students to take part inMoney Matters project!
Students will be able to collaborate with students from different countries and learn more about money, they also will get into conversation about money, learn some facts about history of money and about money in other countries, discuss students’ pocket money and proverbs about money, make media products about money.

Holiday Card Exchange Last year more than 20,000 students from 314 schools in 42 countries participated in the Holiday Card Exchange. Did you miss it last year? Don't miss out this year! Learn how students in other countries celebrate Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid and other festivals. You'll receive mail from overseas and have fun preparing cards to send to reliable iEARN partners. Communicate online and share information about how specia…