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The Windsor-Essex District School Board has been buzzing these past few weeks with students engaging in Hour of Code activities.  The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. 

Keep reading to enjoy some of the highlights.

Immaculate Conception and St. Louis Elementary School
Shared by: Jacqui Gaffan

A total of 15 classes from grades JK-5 at Immaculate Conception and St. Louis participated in the Hour of Code between December 5-9. We discussed important terms such algorithms and debugging, and got right to coding. The students were so excited and dove right into using blocks to code various games such as Minecraft (student fav), Moana, Angry Birds, and Flappy Bird. When they were stuck on which blocks to use, they did an excellent job at problem-solving with a partner, and never gave up. They were also pumped to receive certificates for their hard work. Students at both schools loved coding so much that we will definitely go beyond the Hour…

First Lego League - Windsor Regional Competition

There was a lot of excitement at St. Clair College as the First Lego League held their Windsor regional competition on December 3 and 4th. 45 schools competed from Windsor-Essex County. Among the participants were 12 schools from the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.  

These include: Cardinal Carter Middle School, H.J. Lassaline, Holy Cross, Holy Name, L.A Desmarais, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Sacred Heart, St. Anthony, St. Pius X,St. John de Brebeuf,St. Joseph andSt. William.
This year the theme was Animal Allies.  Students were invited to roar, bark, quack or squeak as this year the competition was all about furry, feathered and finned friends.  Each team demonstrated their coding, creative and collaboration skills.  Each team was judged on their robot design, FLL core values and their solution to an issue related to human/ animal interactions.

The WECDSB is excited to share that the following 4 teams will be advancing to the provincial championship which will be held in Wa…

Coding Craze @ Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School

This week, the entire student body at Notre Dame Elementary School, JK - Grade 8,  participated in Hour of Code activities.   When I stopped in to check out all the excitement, I quickly realized that Coding at Notre Dame was much more than an activity, it is a movement.  In addition to coding with their Grade ½ and Grade 8 class, I had the pleasure of spending time with two members of their Coding Club, Antonio and Gabriel. These two coders blew me away with their knowledge, passion and ability to create and share games online.  I encourage you to take some time to read their journey below.
Gabriel: When we first announced coding club we had a lot of students interested.  During coding club we all go into the Hub and we get devices and start working.  Some kids are working in, some play on Lightbot and some of us are making games.  
Antonio: The coding club meets once a week, but we like to come as often as we can.  

Last year Mr. Hooper and Ms. Ouellette put out a Game/App Crea…

Global Maker Day / Cardboard Carnival

Global Maker Day / Cardboard Carnivalin Mrs. Sidi's Grade 3 Class

** this blog post has been written by Mrs. Sidi's Grade 3 students**

We were doing genius hour one Friday and we watched Caine’s arcade video.  We thought that was pretty cool. We decided one day in November that if you make a game or toy out of cardboard you could bring it in and everybody would go around and get to try your game.  We set the date for November 24th.

In the meantime Mrs. Clement came in to visit and tell us about Global Maker Day.  Mrs. Clement brought in about a million boxes and we got into groups and made games out of them.  

My game started out to be a creeper but the green paper wouldn't cover it so we made the a random game covered in green paper.  You had a tape ball in the top.  It was three levels and you had to get your ball through 2 holes and if you made it to the third level you would win.  I liked that sometimes if it goes through the first hole it might not always go through the o…


Facebook, Google, and Twitter have recently been accused of promoting fake news stories. Depending on your sources and who you believe, fake news played a role in the 2016 presidential election. However, fake news is misused in a number of ways: Propaganda, trying to influence opinion Direct attacks on a political opponent Stock manipulation scams Shock people into clicking and infect their machine with malware (celebrity deaths) Sell advertising So, how do you protect yourself against this type of scam? The very first thing you need to do with any kind of internet message you see is this: CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Meaning you ask yourself the following questions: Where did this come from? Who wrote it? What is their agenda?

There are a large number of false, misleading, clickbait, and/or satirical “news” sources you need to watch out for. Here are 8 Tips to analyze news sources and make sure you do not fall for their scams: Avoid websites that end in “lo”, for example Newslo. These sites take …

The Hour of Code is coming during Computer Science Education Week: December 5-11!

** The latest information from Hadi Partovi at code.orgHave you signed up your event yet for this year? In a world where technology is changing everything, you’ve helped the Hour of Code introduce over 100 million students to computer science. Help us reach every student in 2016 with critical 21st century skills.What’s new for this year?We’re very excited to announce that our list of Hour of Code activities has just been refreshed with new content, an updated look, and a filter tool that will allow you to find the best activity for your classroom. Some cool things about this refresh: We’ve expanded our selection to include over 200 tutorials and lesson plans that introduce students to computer science in a variety of ways. Have fun exploring! Has your class done the Hour of Code before? Maybe they’re even experts at certain puzzles. No problem. Use our new filters to discover more challenging activities that fit all grade and experience levels! There are tons of other ways to filter activ…