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Catholic Coding Challenge

Students in Mrs. Devlin's Grade 2/3 Class & Mrs. Sidi's Grade 3 Class were given a very important coding task this year.  

To begin they watched: 

Next they received their coding challenge which was to code Beebot to ensure Mary and Joseph safely arrived at the stable.  Along the way they experienced some obstacles that they need to avoid

Students carefully coded each stage of their journey to ensure their coding was correct. They were also careful to avoid the camels and the hills along the way.  

See a full recap here:  

Ipevo Document Camera Microscope Adapter

Although this is not a new item, it is new to me and I finally got one to try it out. I have been using the Ipevo document camera for years (I've written about it here) and it's a great portable way to display what's going on on your actual desk top. But as it turns out there is a small rubber adapter that you can purchase that will let you view the image from a microscope.

When you purchase the adapter, it comes in four sizes. Two for the angled barrel and two for the straight barrel microscope and each of those in two diameters: 28mm and 33mm. It's as easy to install as simply sliding the correct adapter onto the eyepiece of your microscope. Once you do that then you will have to adjust its position on the eyepiece to see the whole image. You can see the adjustment process in the video below.
You obviously need the Ipevo P2V camera in order to use this but if you are already using one then it's a great addition to your tech arsenal and if you don't have the c…

Ten Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break

Looking for ways to engage your students in this last week?  Check outJohn Spencer's Blog Post: 10 Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break- for full details on how to include any one of the ideas listed above.  

Differentiated Instruction Using Google Classroom!

Google Classroom Allows Teachers to Release Assignments to Groups or Select Students
Teachers rejoice! One of the features we have been waiting for is finally available–the ability to give assignments to EXACTLY who you want, meaning an assignment meant for one student, a few, or even groups of students within a Class in Google Classroom.
Click here for more:

Student Voice / Interactive Nativity Slide Show

Shout out to Karen Johnson at St. Rose Catholic Elementary School for sharing these samples of her Interactive Nativity slideshows created by past students.   

Consider kicking off this activity with Voices of Christmas as a mentor text.  This beautiful text shares the story/perspective of the birth of Jesus from many viewpoints.  

Following the reading of the text, students can lend their own voice/perspectives to the many individuals/animals present at the time of Jesus' birth in an interactive slideshow (see samples below).

Diana's Interactive Nativity (Grade 6)
(note: Click the star to return to the home screen)

Tyler's Interactive Nativity (Grade 5)

Not sure how to create Interactive Slide Shows?  
Check out this comprehensive "How To" guide on Eric Curts Control Alt Achieve website.

Google Cheat Sheets

WOW! I recently found these AMAZING Google Cheat Sheets online created by Ben Cogswell from Alisal Union School District.  Thankful that Ben has generously allowed me to share them here as well. Check out more of Ben's posts on the Alisal Edtech blog.

(click HERE for live Classroom Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Slides Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Docs Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Sites Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Drive Cheat Sheet)

Grade 4 Students Accept the Wonder League Robotics Challenge

Grade 4 students at St. Rose Elementary were eager to get down to work on Mission One of the Wonder League's Robotics Challenge.  Students had the task of moving Dash around the grid while avoiding predetermined obstacles.  Points are given for the number of squares travelled through, lights, sounds and extra effects as well as the ability to code in both Blockly and the Wonder App

The Wonder League Robotics Competition includes three challenges, each one broken down into three missions.  Students have until February 2018 to submit their responses in the hopes of being selected among 1000 teams competing for the final challenge.  

Click HERE to learn more about the Challenges and how you can get your students to participate.

The 6 Drivers of Inquiry-Based Learning

The 6 Drivers of Inquiry-Based Learning BY 
Inquiry-based learning can be defined as learning that “starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios – rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge.” In short, students uncover material, as opposed to content coverage and the memorization and regurgitation of facts and knowledge. As a teacher, everything I taught was infused, in one way or another, with inquiry, creativity, and/or literacy. And, inquiry was often integrated with the other two. As an administrator, whenever I walk into a teacher’s classroom, one of the first things I almost always subconsciously look for is whether or not the students are engaged in inquiry. However, telling a teacher, “Your students need to engage in more inquiry,” is comparable to letting a comedian know she needs to be funnier or asking a pizzaiolo to make a better dough. And, vague directives in the absence of explicit instruction typically gene…

St. Rose Catholic Elementary School is going FULL STEAM AHEAD

Staff and students at St. Rose Catholic Elementary School in Windsor, Ontario are excited to go FULL STEAM AHEAD in 2017/2018.  After applying and being accepted for a TLLP (Teacher Learning and Leadership Program), teachers have committed to identifying and sharing ways that they are embedding coding and robotics into their classroom curriculum.

Teachers will be embedding the Scratch Coding app, Beebots, Dash & Dot Robots, and Makey Makey kits into their curriculum and sharing their experiences and task cards for each activity on their FULL STEAM AHEAD blog.

Students in Mrs. Sidi's Grade 3 class began experimenting with length using Beebots.    Students were instantly engaged as they worked collaboratively to determine how far the Beebot travelled with each move began building their track.

Click HERE to access the Bees on Track Task Card.  Please feel free to "make a copy" and make it your own.  We would love for you to share your version back with us in the commen…

Google Drive - Not Going Anywhere!


There are many articles similar to the link above that talk about "Google Drive" being discontinued.  Google Drive as we know it is NOT being discontinued.  You do not have to worry about your files or anything to do with MyTools2Go and Google Drive.
Google offers software to access all of your Google Drive content on your Mac or PC without using a web browser.  Your files can be synced or "backed up" on your hard drive as well as the internet.  Google is updating the software called "Google Drive" with new and better technology called "Backup and Sync"  which will do more and use less disk space.  If you never used this software you still do not need it.
If you choose to use that software you can but accessing your files through a web browser will not change.
Thank you

WECDSBcodes Challenge #5

Sound-A-Mation Code Your Stories to Life

Find additional challenges on our #WECDSBcodes website.  

End of Year Google Classroom Clean-up Tips

As the school year winds down, most teachers go through some sort of check-out procedure for their physical classrooms, making sure everything is properly organized or put away for the summer. In much the same way, you may want to do some clean-up and close-out steps for your digital classroom ... Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a powerful tool to help you and your students collaborate and communicate, but when used year after year, it can start to become a bit of a mess and a management challenge. To help with this, there are several suggestions to consider for Classroom when wrapping up the school year.

See below for six steps that may help you clean up your Classroom as you transition from one school year to the next. However, keep in mind these are all just suggestions and each is optional. While some may not apply to your situation, hopefully several will assist you in keeping your Classroom organized, clutter-free, and efficient for a new year.

Tip #1 - Return all student …

WECDSBcodes Challenge 4: Procedural Writing Smash Up

Students will design a path, describe it using procedural writing prompts and then measure the path taken using standard and non-standard units of measure.

Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants

I have had the pleasure to sit in on some of the hangouts hosted by Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants.  As stated on their website, "The primary goal of Exploring By the Seat Of Your Pants is to knockdown classroom walls and take students anywhere in the world, never having to leave their desks.  We aim to accomplish this by connecting students with exciting guest speakers and virtual field trips from around the world.  Our focus is providing lessons related to science, adventure and conversation, but won't be limited to these areas!"

There are still camera spots available for some of their May events, you can check them out below:

The Turtle Hospital May 15th @ 11:00am EST Camera Spots Remaining: 5 The Turtle Hospital opened its doors 1986 with four main goals: 1) rehab injured sea turtles and return them to their natural habitat, 2) educate the public through outreach programs and visit local schools, 3) conduct and assist with research aiding to sea turtles and 4) work …