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Why Should I Use a Learning Management System?

In my conversations lately with people in the teaching world (teachers, consultants, e-Learning Contacts, etc.), I am hearing the word 'container' used very often. The context is that teachers are embracing technology in all subject areas and are now using video, audio, presentations, images, etc., as part of all that they do.  The number of ‘presentations’ alone, being created by students, has skyrocketed recently because of access to online presentation tools and the ease of incorporating multimedia from the internet. Teachers need a 'container' to hold all of this stuff.

Pragmatically speaking, a learning management system (LMS) is needed to simply manage all of the digital content that is a large part of the learning in today’s classrooms. From a pedagogical perspective, the access to multimedia must be leveraged to promote critical thinking surrounding the abundant content available at our fingertips. Ideally, an LMS needs to provide the platform for teachers to m…

Gizmos on the iPad

One of the biggest drawbacks with the iPad could be its lack of ability to play Flash objects. For the most part this is becoming less of an issue as more and more sites adopt HTML5 as their standard. But for older sites that were built on Flash, they might be slow in making the switch, or deciding to not make the switch or have chosen some other alternative to accommodate the Cult of Apple.

Seeing that so many iPads have been introduced into schools I am sure that is why Explore Learning has decided to do the latter and created an app that allows you to access all of the Gizmos on the iPad. There was an earlier version that was a Sampler of some Gizmos but now the full compliment of Gizmos are now available on the new app (or at least it looks like all of them).

Once you have downloaded the app (which is free from the iTunes store) you then have two ways to use the Gizmos:

1. Open the Gizmos app on your device and your regular Gizmos login (or your students can use theirs) and you ar…