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Global Maker Day / Cardboard Carnival

Global Maker Day / Cardboard Carnivalin Mrs. Sidi's Grade 3 Class

** this blog post has been written by Mrs. Sidi's Grade 3 students**

We were doing genius hour one Friday and we watched Caine’s arcade video.  We thought that was pretty cool. We decided one day in November that if you make a game or toy out of cardboard you could bring it in and everybody would go around and get to try your game.  We set the date for November 24th.

In the meantime Mrs. Clement came in to visit and tell us about Global Maker Day.  Mrs. Clement brought in about a million boxes and we got into groups and made games out of them.  

My game started out to be a creeper but the green paper wouldn't cover it so we made the a random game covered in green paper.  You had a tape ball in the top.  It was three levels and you had to get your ball through 2 holes and if you made it to the third level you would win.  I liked that sometimes if it goes through the first hole it might not always go through the o…


Facebook, Google, and Twitter have recently been accused of promoting fake news stories. Depending on your sources and who you believe, fake news played a role in the 2016 presidential election. However, fake news is misused in a number of ways: Propaganda, trying to influence opinion Direct attacks on a political opponent Stock manipulation scams Shock people into clicking and infect their machine with malware (celebrity deaths) Sell advertising So, how do you protect yourself against this type of scam? The very first thing you need to do with any kind of internet message you see is this: CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Meaning you ask yourself the following questions: Where did this come from? Who wrote it? What is their agenda?

There are a large number of false, misleading, clickbait, and/or satirical “news” sources you need to watch out for. Here are 8 Tips to analyze news sources and make sure you do not fall for their scams: Avoid websites that end in “lo”, for example Newslo. These sites take …

The Hour of Code is coming during Computer Science Education Week: December 5-11!

** The latest information from Hadi Partovi at code.orgHave you signed up your event yet for this year? In a world where technology is changing everything, you’ve helped the Hour of Code introduce over 100 million students to computer science. Help us reach every student in 2016 with critical 21st century skills.What’s new for this year?We’re very excited to announce that our list of Hour of Code activities has just been refreshed with new content, an updated look, and a filter tool that will allow you to find the best activity for your classroom. Some cool things about this refresh: We’ve expanded our selection to include over 200 tutorials and lesson plans that introduce students to computer science in a variety of ways. Have fun exploring! Has your class done the Hour of Code before? Maybe they’re even experts at certain puzzles. No problem. Use our new filters to discover more challenging activities that fit all grade and experience levels! There are tons of other ways to filter activ…
New Comic Creation Tool

The Ministry is pleased to announce that Pixton Comics has been licensed for use by all publicly funded schools across the province. Similar to Bitstrips, Pixton is an online comic creation tool that serves as a digital storytelling tool for students. 


Students and teachers can make comic strips, storyboards, character maps, and more. Presets include 3000 backgrounds, 2000 props, 700 characters, 300 poses and expressions. Teachers can access a library of lesson plans and activity templates for all subject areas.Access Click this link - Pixton for an overview.  To register, click “Try Pixton Now” and follow the onscreen instructions. 
Student Accounts You can add your students by one of two methods:  Input a list of usernames and passwords. The “auto-complete” function makes username and password generation quick and easy. Share your group-specific Activation Link with students. Students choose their own usernames and passwords. Support Click the (?) button at…

The New Google Sites

The New Google Sites - UPDATE
Google sites has been completely redone!  For more information on the New, Google Sites click HERE.

The OLD Google Sites will now be known as Sites Classic.

What will happen to the previously existing, classic version of Sites?
Classic Sites will continue to exist in parallel with new Sites as we add capabilities that are similar to those found in classic Sites. Classic Sites and the sites created with it will continue to be accessed through the Google Sites Link.
Please note: In  2017, we’ll provide and recommend options to migrate your sites from classic Sites to new Sites.Beginning in 2018, we’ll send a timeline and instructions regarding the gradual process to shut down classic Sites. The specific date for the shutdown of classic Sites has yet to be set, but we’ll inform you at least one year in advance of the shutdown

5 Ways to Avoid Project Based Learning Fluff #HackingPBL

In my constant quest to better understand inquiry based learning I came across Ross Cooper's blog, Cooper on Curriculum, one year ago.  Ross consistently publishes thought provoking posts that challenge my thinking as a classroom teacher and facilitator of technology.  I really enjoyed his most recent post, 5 Ways to Avoid Project Based Learning Fluff #HackingPBL, and am thrilled he agreed to allow me to share it here with all of you.  I encourage you to visit his blog and sign up to receive his emails when a new blog is posted.  Happy Reading!  

Cooper on Curriculuminquiry-based learning. quality professional development.
Over the next few months I’ll be publishing 10 posts as teasers (not spoilers) for the 10 chapters in our upcoming book, Hacking Project Based Learning, which was written with Erin Murphy (@MurphysMusings5) and will be released this winter. For book updates, sign up for mymailing list (and also receive a free eBook)…This post is a sneak peak for Chapter 3, Identi…