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Student Voice / Interactive Nativity Slide Show

Shout out to Karen Johnson at St. Rose Catholic Elementary School for sharing these samples of her Interactive Nativity slideshows created by past students.   

Consider kicking off this activity with Voices of Christmas as a mentor text.  This beautiful text shares the story/perspective of the birth of Jesus from many viewpoints.  

Following the reading of the text, students can lend their own voice/perspectives to the many individuals/animals present at the time of Jesus' birth in an interactive slideshow (see samples below).

Diana's Interactive Nativity (Grade 6)
(note: Click the star to return to the home screen)

Tyler's Interactive Nativity (Grade 5)

Not sure how to create Interactive Slide Shows?  
Check out this comprehensive "How To" guide on Eric Curts Control Alt Achieve website.

Google Cheat Sheets

WOW! I recently found these AMAZING Google Cheat Sheets online created by Ben Cogswell from Alisal Union School District.  Thankful that Ben has generously allowed me to share them here as well. Check out more of Ben's posts on the Alisal Edtech blog.

(click HERE for live Classroom Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Slides Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Docs Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Sites Cheat Sheet)

(click HERE for live Drive Cheat Sheet)

Grade 4 Students Accept the Wonder League Robotics Challenge

Grade 4 students at St. Rose Elementary were eager to get down to work on Mission One of the Wonder League's Robotics Challenge.  Students had the task of moving Dash around the grid while avoiding predetermined obstacles.  Points are given for the number of squares travelled through, lights, sounds and extra effects as well as the ability to code in both Blockly and the Wonder App

The Wonder League Robotics Competition includes three challenges, each one broken down into three missions.  Students have until February 2018 to submit their responses in the hopes of being selected among 1000 teams competing for the final challenge.  

Click HERE to learn more about the Challenges and how you can get your students to participate.

The 6 Drivers of Inquiry-Based Learning

The 6 Drivers of Inquiry-Based Learning BY 
Inquiry-based learning can be defined as learning that “starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios – rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge.” In short, students uncover material, as opposed to content coverage and the memorization and regurgitation of facts and knowledge. As a teacher, everything I taught was infused, in one way or another, with inquiry, creativity, and/or literacy. And, inquiry was often integrated with the other two. As an administrator, whenever I walk into a teacher’s classroom, one of the first things I almost always subconsciously look for is whether or not the students are engaged in inquiry. However, telling a teacher, “Your students need to engage in more inquiry,” is comparable to letting a comedian know she needs to be funnier or asking a pizzaiolo to make a better dough. And, vague directives in the absence of explicit instruction typically gene…