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Google forms is a fantastic tool that will allow users to collect information using a web form.  This information can be used for data collection, quizzing, diagnostic testing, and more.

Google forms just got a makeover.  Some of the new features are:

Collaborative Forms- You can share a form and work on it together.You can choose where your form info goes- many forms can point to the same spreadsheetA whole new look - very clean interface that looks like a Google DocEasier Tools to build questions
Google Forms is available through your TOOLS2Go login.
If you need an account email JOE SISCO on the BBS.

For a Brief overview you can check out the video below: 

How might a teacher use a google form?

Busy B's Bringing Blended Learning to Brennan

Matt Bauer and Pam Burke, technology teachers in the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, spend most of their day working with spreadsheets, presentations (Powerpoint), and pretty much anything in a digital format. 
Matt and Pam needed a way to manage all of the files that students were submitting. Like many teachers, they were carrying around a whole bunch of Flash drives, or having the kids email files to them, or even having the kids login to their 'school teacher space' and save it there... it's exhausting just thinking about it. 
The Learning Management System (LMS)  has solved these problems.
As part of the Blended Learning program, Matt and Pam have created VIRTUAL DROPBOXES to receive all of these files from the students. 
Matt has received more than 100 files into virtual dropboxes.

Once the files are placed in the dropbox, Matt can download them,
or even just view them online and leave feedback for each of his students. 

Pam has received more than 250 files fro…


The Blended Learning model is happening in classrooms everywhere. Blended Learning combines face-to-face learning with all of the great features of e-Learning and the internet. Students are accessing course content, submitting work, collaborating with other students & their teacher, and building electronic portfolios... all online. Teachers are posting class work, lessons, and resources for access from anywhere, anytime.

e-Learning Ontario has provided access to the Learning Management System (LMS) for all teachers and students in Ontario from K-12.  
Learn more and get started today by contacting the e-Learning Contact (eLC) in your Board. 
You may download a high-resolution version of this image and display in your school.