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I Heart Desmos

I have written about Desmos before but that was two years ago. And the folks at Desmos have been busy. Specifically today I want to talk about three specific things they have given us since.
Activities by DesmosOne of the first things they started to create was a set of activities that, at times, didn't even use the graphing calculator. But all of them are really well done. I still think my favourite is Central Park. In this one students walk through the development of what a formula is. And they do it in such a low key way that starts with estimation and a simple visual interface that deals with making parking spaces. Other activities like Penny Circle (modelling functions) used the skills of Dan Meyer to interface the graphing calculator with an interesting activity. Function Carnival (distance time graphs), Tile Pile (ratios) and Waterline (modelling functions) showed the diversity of mathematics. From lower end ratio stuff all the way to related rates.
And then they came out w…

10 Creative Alternatives to Research Reports and Papers

10 creative alternatives to research reports and papers

 (Flickr / Nic McPhee)
 The following article was pulled from the Ditch the Textbook website  by Matt Miller
I felt the 10 alternatives are worth a look and so is his website.
The merits of doing research and creating these reports and papers are valid. When they create them, students … Gather informationEvaluate sourcesOrganize and synthesize dataForm ideas and cohesive thoughtsCreate a polished, finished product