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December Coding and Robotics Activities

Engage your students this December in some of these free online coding and robotics activities: 
Wonder Workshop Activity Packets
Wonder Workshop Pre-reader - Grade 8 | Blocks, Wonder, Xylo, Blockly | Dash or Cue robot Find hours of family-friendly fun with Wonder Workshop's printable packets of creative coding activities. Bring coding to life with Dash, Dot, and Cue robots by downloading these online and offline activities to use during Hour of Code and beyond!

Catholic Coding Challenge

Ozobot Christmas Challenges Are your students still excited and talking about the Hour of Code they participated in? Check out our Holiday Templates for your Ozobot Bit 2.0’s to keep their excitement level up this holiday season! Free to download and use in your classroom.

Google Gmail Improves It's Smart Compose Feature to Reduce Gender Bias

Gmail has a feature called Smart Compose that leverages Google AI to anticipate what you are going to say in an Email.

Smart Compose learns how you like to communicate and anticipate what you might say.  Google has tweaked the Smart Compose feature to not use personal pronouns and make assumptions on gender. For more information on this click HERE.

This feature can be turned on or off using the instructions below:

Global Leadership Week - Free, Online Learning Opportunities

Global Leadership Week (GLW) is a week-long convening of virtual and face to face events designed to celebrate leadership through global action in K20 education. GLW is an opportunity for education leaders to learn from one another and share effective principles in leadership, particularly within the context of an interconnected, global age.

EVENTS (Go HERE for connecting details, to see in your own time zone, and for any event additions or updates.)
Mon, March 19, 8pm – 9pm (US Eastern Daylight Time)
Teaching and Learning Online with SPICE: Global Competence, Global Perspectives
"This webinar introduces three Stanford-designed online courses for high school students in the United States that leverage digital learning to develop global competence and diverse perspectives. The focus is driven by the following essential question: how do we cultivate global citizens through digital learning? Our objectives are to introduce teachers and students to innovative online courses—the Reischauer…

St. Williams KinderCoding

Principal Carl Bull talks about the St. William Kindergarten Student Coding Project

Click for more Information...