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Phising Anyone? Some Great Tips to Protect Yourself

Phishing Anyone?  Some Great Tips to Protect Yourself
Phishing is the process of sending an email falsely claiming to be a genuine email from a legitimate, and often well-known enterprise. For example, you may receive an email from a banking institution.  The page will look EXACTLY like the banking login page. If you look carefully at the web address the domain is different and the site is being used to collect your information.

Typically, a phishing email will imitate a popular brand, and may use their company logo for a professional and authentic design. Usually, the email will contain a link to a phishing website, which will look and feel very similar to the site it attempts to mimic. From there, you may be asked to enter personal details such as passwords and bank account numbers, which the sender can then harvest for their own illegal use. Vishing is the telephone equivalent of phishing. Someone will call pretending to represent a legitimate business, and attempt to scam the use…

Voices into Action

Voices into Action is a FREE online curriculum-based resource to teach students about prejudice, human rights and social justice.  Register at no charge and you will instantly receive access to a personalized Dashboard with teaching plans, customizable hand-outs, rubrics and curriculum links to secondary courses.  

The following units are currently available: 
Unit 1: Human Rights Unit 2: Genocide Unit 3: Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination Unit 4: Immigration Unit 5: Personal Action Unit 6: Living Together in Today's World and

Google Classroom Plays Nice with Others

Google Classroom Plays Nice with Others Google Classroom now allows outside developers access to Google Classroom with their products.  These products can add features and productivity to you and your students.  For example, you can integrate EdPuzzle (video), Quizzlet (quiz maker), and Newsela ( leveled reading articles) to your Google Classroom.  
For more information, please check out this link for a full description from Kasey Bell.
35 Awesome Apps for Google Classroom

Archiving and Deleting a Class in Google Classroom

Archiving and Deleting a Class in Google Classroom

From time to time teachers may choose to clean up their Google Classroom.  Teachers have a choice to ARCHIVE their class or Delete the class altogether.
Archiving a class removes the Class from your Google Classroom main menu but allows the user to access and reuse the materials from the archived classroom.  An archived class can be restored.
Steps to Archive, a Class
Log into Classroom.
Click on the three dots in the top right of the class you want to remove.

Choose "Archive."
The class will be removed from this menu screen of ACTIVE classes.
Permanently Removing a Class:
To permanently delete a class Click on the TOP LEFT Menu Button next to Google Classroom.
Choose Archived Classes near the bottom
Click on the three dots above the class you want to delete.

If RESTORE is chosen, the class will be brought back to the main menu.
Happy tidying!

Lessons From the Earth Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge Teacher Resource Kit

Lessons From the Earth Storytelling, Art & Indigenous Knowledge
Digital Teacher Resource Kit

“Lessons From the Earth is a resource guide for educators that provides a practical application of Indigenous Knowledge into the classroom.  The focus of learning is grounded in a traditional Anishinaabe story, Jiig Nong Aadsookan, The Fisher Story.  Included are sample lessons and video modules that support the traditional teachings embedded within the story.  Lessons From the Earth is a provocation for student inquiry into topics such as the environment, First Peoples of Canada, Science, Social Studies, as well as important concepts such as love, respect and balance.” Jodie Williams
Led by Jodie Williams, Co-chair First Nations, Métis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario along with The Provincial Subject Association for teachers of First Nations,Métis & Inuit Studies and Native Languages, this resource contains direct links to the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, the Catho…

Google Sites Is New and Improved! New Google Sites

Google Sites Gets a Much Needed UPDATE!

Google Sites has been completely revamped from the ground up.  NO upgrade here.  The new Sites is modern, comfortable to use and, professional.  I need to be fair in my assessment and state that Sites Classic wasn't difficult to use, but it was challenging to get a site looking professional without much effort.

The new Google Sites has a preview mode that will allow you to see how your page looks on a computer, tablet or phone.  Just click on the icon in the bottom right to change your view.  Your web page is automatically formatted for the device.

All Sites are automatically formatted for any computer or mobile device!

Sites will allow you to insert pictures or colours for backgrounds.  Sites will automatically adjust the image so the text will show through and make it easy for the viewer!  If you don't like the changes you can turn it off.

The White text is lost in this light coloured graphic choice.

Google Sites automatically changed t…

Amazing Race Global Project

Global Students Global Perspectives presents... Amazing Race Global Project
Take your students on a global adventure and visit pit stops created by teachers and students across the globe.   
There are currently 40 pit stops featuring 16 countries with additional pit stops added daily.
How do you participate?

Click to visit the Amazing Race Website. Click on a place holder of your choice:

Once you click the link you will be directed to a Google Slide Show created by students and/or teachers in each respective location. I recommend you select “Present” view for the best visual appearance.
Each presentation is slightly different but typically they will contain: a brief video, facts about the location, a brainteaser and a link to a Google Form where students will complete a very simple quiz about the information presented.   

Once the form is completed and submitted the participant will receive an email with a PDF attachment of the passport stamp for that particular locat…