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Khan Academy Does Computer Science

So by now you may have heard of the Khan Academy. If not, the Reader's Digest description is that its the Juggernaut of math and science tutorial videos. If that still doesn't do anything for you then watch Salman Khan's TED talk.
Now the Khan Academy has its cheerleaders and detractors and it certainly isn't perfect. But beyond its sheer number of tutorial videos there is also the whole interactive practice section that is pretty good. However, there have been those who have pointed out some of the problems with the actual tutorial videos (pedagogical and technical). It started with this video and has spawned the MTT2K Prize (Mystery Teacher Theater 2000) for the best video commentary on a Khan video.
But I digress, this is not what this post is about. This is what it's about:

That video is the introductory video in a series the Khan Academy has recently published to teach computer programming (specifically Javascript). Now here is the difference, unlike previous …