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WECDSB Integrated Technology Summit

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is inviting proposals for presenters at our second annual INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT.

Staff are invited to submit a proposal to present by no later than Monday, June 16th. Based on feedback from our original survey, we are looking for presenters in the following areas*:
* these are suggestions - staff are certainly invited to submit a proposal about
technology that does not fall into these categories
Getting to Know MyTools2Go  BEGINNERMyTools2Go  ADVANCEDDOCUMENTSPRESENTATIONSFORMSDRAWINGSSITESGoogle Drive BEGINNERManaging your Classroom with MyTools2Go ADVANCEDPlanning, Assessment, and Learning with MyTools2Go  ALL LEVELSGetting to know the Provincial Learning Management System  BEGINNERGetting to know the Provincial Learning Management System ADVANCEDiPads in the Classroom BEGINNERiPads in the Classroom ADVANCEDAPPS ShowcasePlanning, Assessment, and Learning with Technology  ALL LEVELSFor more information, please contact: Joe Sisco  - j…

Read&Write for Google

We are pleased to announce that every MyTools2Go user has be given Trial access to the Premium Features of Read&Write for Google from Texthelp.

Read&Write is a Chrome Extension which helps make Google Apps for Education more accessible to those with reading and writing difficulties, learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, or English Language Learners.
See Read&Write in action.

Google DRIVE on the iPad gets an Upgrade!

It's about time!
Google is revamping your experience on the iPad!  It is about time as Google Drive is seriously lacking compared to Drive on other devices.  The app is actually moving to operate less like it does on a computer or Android device and more iOS like. 

Google Drive is being split into 3 different apps.  I would guess the Drive app will cease to exist once the changes are complete.  Google Docs and Google Sheets is available now and I suggest you upgrade right away.  Google Slides will be coming soon.  This will be particularly nice since you currently do not have editing ability on Google Drive.  You can only view Google Slides. Click on the links below to download from the Apps Store!

Google Sheets

Google Sheets will allow for offline editing, sharing with others, sheet creation and more.

Google Docs
Google Docs is similar to Google Sheets as it too will allow for offline editing, sharing with others, document creation and more.

Both apps have added functionality and are a …