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Using is a website that has a number of customizable applets for use in the classroom. Many can be used to "DI" your environment. Here is a list of just a few.

A neat exercise to do with kids is to create social networking profiles for famous people (present, past and fictional). The site Fakebook allows teachers and students the opportunity to do just that. 
Teachers and students can create fake profiles and then create interactions between other related fake profiles. Click here for a listing of the ones created so far. For example: Ernest Rutherford, Joseph Stalin, Henry Ford.

How about create an interactive jigsaw diagram. Here are some examples: Fractions, Water Cycle, Industrial Revolution.

Use a fishbone diagram to organize information. Here are some examples: Hamlet, Forces, Farming Impact on Environment.

How about create a venn diagram? Here are some examples: Geography, Bacteria, Virus & Fungus.

Create a timeline. You can create it correctly or mix it up an…