Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Presentations are an excellent way for students to share their learning with their peers. Good presentations, and good presenters, have the ability to engage their audience in the learning. Further, presentations ideally are the "start of a conversation", with more learning to occur.

The presentation embedded below is about Canada but has the unique feature that the viewer can navigate through it based on what interests them.  Each of the Provinces and Territories are links to other slides in the presentation.
Essentially, it is a 'stand-alone' presentation that is not linear in nature but goes where the viewer decides.  This creative use of links lets the audience "do" a presentation rather than "get" a presentation. 

When students facilitate a presentation in this way to their classmates, they may reconsider their role. Student presenters can now stand in the middle of the room and let other students choose where there want to go or what they wan to learn about first. Presentations in this format are excellent in a digital environment, where students can navigate through at their own pace and differentiate their own learning

Two more examples are provided below. 
* They are incomplete in terms of content, but the idea of a self-contained, self-navigated presentation is clear.

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