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Rubrics are now available in Google Classroom!

Rubrics are now available in Google Classroom!  Written by: Kelly Campbell-Dries

Are you looking for an interesting way to give students valuable feedback while clearly stating learning goals and curriculum expectations? Then sign up today to be a Beta Tester for the new Rubrics feature in Google Classroom. 
You might think that this is a lot of work, but trust me, it is not. I am currently a teacher at ACS, and I am always looking for new and innovative ways to leverage technology in the classroom. What I like about this feature is that it is extremely simple to use. 

You begin by creating an Assignment in GC. There, you will see that there is a “Create Rubric” button where you can build your rubric. In HS, we mark out of four categories that are weighted differently. GC always made the assignment out of 100, so it was difficult to show students exactly how you marked their work in a digital format. With the Beta feature in GC, you can now assign category, with an explanation of what you…
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Google Slides Now Allows for INTEGRATED AUDIO

Google Slides Now Allows for 

Google has added the functionality to insert audio into slides and to play throughout your presentation.

INSERT - Audio

If the function is not available now it will be by the end of the month.

TED Student Talks Program

How It Works Students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. Use TED-Ed's flexible curriculum as a guide and help inspire tomorrow's TED speakers and leaders. There are 4 ways to create TED-Ed Student Talks: In a Club: as a group of students in an after-school setting, led by student or adult.In a classroom: as a group of students in a class, led by a teacher.As part of another youth/ed program: as a plug-in to an existing program--for individual or groups of students who are part of programs run by our collaborative partners.As individual students developing/sharing an idea on their own or with a partner.Check out the TED ED websitefor more details on how you can incorporate TED-ED into your class or school club.

Flipgrid - Empower Every Voice

Highlight STUDENT VOICE with Flipgrid.

How do you use it? 

Teachers assign a question and/or topic.  Students respond with a short video (max 1.5 minutes).Teachers and students can then further engage through comments or response videos.  
Visit the Flipgrid website and see just how easy it is to get started.  


Looking for a transformative way to deliver the curriculum in a blended classroom?

As stated on the Hyperdoc website: 

Hyperdocs are created by teachers and given to students to engage, educate, and inspire learning. It’s not about teaching technology, it’s about using the technology to TEACH.

Check out these examples created by our own WECDSB staff:

Kelly Campbell-Dries, English Teacher at Assumption High School shared her  "highlight" HyperDoc designed to teach students to write a CER essay (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning).   Kelly shares the document using the "Make A Copy" feature in Google Classroom allowing each student to work directly their Hyperdoc.

Kelly introduced the Hyperdoc using this video: 

Kelly's self-reflection:  I used this with my class and they LOVED it. When teaching college classes I try to prepare my students for a blended learning experience. Hyperdocs offer this to students in many ways. I really like how we start with the learning goals fo…

Engaging Students With Minecraft

Looking to engage your students?  Check out how Ms. Soumis and Ms. Mencarelli-Sobhi are leveraging Minecraft as a vehicle for learning at Catholic Central High School

Students in their NBE class were asked to get into groups to research about a nearby Indigenous reserve.  They learned about the living conditions of their counterparts in relation to their own city and the amenities provided for them there.  Students were asked to use Minecraft to re-create their specific reserve from an undeveloped patch of land using the building materials provided in Minecraft.

Reflecting upon the learning experience, Ms. Soumis shared that after trial and error the accounts were not able to be linked due to not having an Xbox account, thereby making it quite difficult to build the entire reserve, even as a group.

In the future, they will have each student focus on a specific structure such as a longhouse, or a sweat lodge, and more accurately display the features located inside and outside of the s…

Students were buzzing with excitement at St. Joseph's Elementary

Kindergarten students in Mme. Pearn & Mme. Bondy's class were buzzing with excitement as they recently engaged in a student inquiry focused on bees.

Check out what caused all the excitement as Mme. Pearn describes the activities that took place in their classroom:

Augmented Reality It all started when a Bee was flying in the classroom.  Some children were scared while others explained how bees help our environment. We continued a discussion and inquiry about Bees.

The children were asked “Qu'est que vous savez?” (What do you know?) As well as “Qu’-est que vous voulez savoir?” (What do you want to know?)

During our investigation, we invited Mrs. Clement to come in and use virtual reality to investigate with iPads and virtual reality goggles.
Build Your Own BeehiveWe continued our learning in the class with different centres for the children to explore.  They used loose parts to create their own beehives. Included were flowers, bee erasers, and wooden hexagon shapes.