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Google Meet Promised Changes Are Rolling Out!

Google Meet Changes ROLL OUT!How to See Your Entire Class in Google Meet 

Exciting News! Google Meet has now changed it’s layouts so you can now see up to 49 participants at once.
Once you are in a Google Meet, proceed to the 3 dots menu at the bottom right corner of the screen, and then select change layout

Choose tiled view

At the bottom of this box, you now have the ability to change how many participants are in your view by moving the circle along the bottom. 49 is currently the maximum number of participants that you can see at once. 
*Note: You can set the number to less than 49 by moving the circle accordingly if you have fewer participants joining.
A video tutorial of this process can be accessed by clicking here

Google added HOST CONTROLS
Located at the bottom LEFT of the screen the FIRST PERSON in will now see a Shield icon with a lock on it.  This means you are the first person in the meeting.  The first person in the meeting has Host Control.  For now, you can:
*  Turn off screen …
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Google Forms Tips & Tricks

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Google Drive Shortcuts!

Google Drive now allows you to create SHORTCUTS!
This feature is rolling out as we speak.

Shortcuts allow you to access all of your google docs in one place or even better, more than one place.

If you have a document in folder A such as a phone directory.  But you would also like it in Folder B You could move the file.  The problem is if you move the file from folder A to folder B you don't have the file in folder A anymore.

The short cut option lets you house the file in folder A and place a shortcut in folder B.  The main document has all the user permissions in folder A and the shortcut has in Folder B.

The GIF below shows the process.


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