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Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants

I have had the pleasure to sit in on some of the hangouts hosted by Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants.  As stated on their website, "The primary goal of Exploring By the Seat Of Your Pants is to knockdown classroom walls and take students anywhere in the world, never having to leave their desks.  We aim to accomplish this by connecting students with exciting guest speakers and virtual field trips from around the world.  Our focus is providing lessons related to science, adventure and conversation, but won't be limited to these areas!"

There are still camera spots available for some of their May events, you can check them out below:

The Turtle Hospital
May 15th @ 11:00am EST
Camera Spots Remaining: 5
The Turtle Hospital opened its doors 1986 with four main goals: 1) rehab injured sea turtles and return them to their natural habitat, 2) educate the public through outreach programs and visit local schools, 3) conduct and assist with research aiding to sea turtles and 4) work toward environmental legislation making the beaches and water safe and clean for sea turtles.
YouTube Live Link: 

Len Vanderstar: Summits of Canada Expedition
May 18th @ 1:00pm EST
Camera Spots Remaining: 5
Len is an experienced adventurer and expedition coordinator with a solid safety track record. Barbeau Peak, Nunavut will be the last Canadian highpoint in the Summits of Canada quest by Len, scheduled for June 16 -29, 2017. To date, no Canadian has reached each provincial and territorial high point. Completing Canada's highpoints in 2017 times perfectly with Canada's 150th celebration, and we wish to take advantage of this unique year in further promoting Canada's diverse geography, its people and culture.
David Makepeace: Eclipse Guy
May 30th @ 1:00pm EST
Camera Spots Remaining: 5

David has witnessed 22 eclipses in 15 countries on 7 continents and he's continuously planning exotic adventures to strange and wonderful places on the Earth to stand in the shadow of the Moon! Since 1991, he has chased eclipses of all kinds to every corner of the globe – from India to Brazil, Antarctica to Libya, Mexico to China. For millions upon millions of people the eclipse in America on August 21, 2017, will be the best chance to see a Total Eclipse of the Sun in this lifetime. 


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