Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bit Strips for Schools

BitStrips for Schools is an OSAPAC title that is registered for Ontario Teachers and Students to use at home or at school.  Bitstrips is a cloud application which means it can be accessed simply by visiting
the website .  It doesn't matter which platform you are using.

Once you visit the site click on Ontario Teachers link which will allow you to quickly and easily register.

The next question may be why should I use BitStrips in my class?

Even teachers can get involved in the action!  Meet the virtual Mr. Sadler. 

Bitstrips is not a new product so I am sure there are many teachers who could comment below and let us know how they are using BitStrips in their classrooms.  Please do!


Kara Chauvin said...

BitStrips is a fantastic product that my students are in love with! It is very easy to use, they have access at school and at home, and for some students I am getting more writing out of them then I do on paper! This product is not just for literacy assignments but can be used throughout the curriculum. Students can create humourous comics or strips to teach/reiterate something they have learned.
As a teacher, I am also glad that I can review what is being produced and broadcast through the controls of this product.
I am very excited that this is OSAPAC licensed so it is free for us to use.

Liana said...

I used BitStrips with great success in a Grade 9 Locally Developed English class. One of my most "reluctant" students asked for his password so he could go on BitStrips at home after using it in class. I got some good results when students used it to recreate their favourite passage from the book we were reading. Also, the site lets you set up your class and then each student can create an avatar. This was our first activity and students really enjoyed it and were engaged from that point on. I highly recommend it.