Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Future of Ebooks

For the most part, right now, Ebooks are nothing more than glorified pdfs. Sure you get fancy interfaces that make it look like you are turning pages and you can do things like highlight text. But things like that you can do with regular books. However, some Ebooks are really trying to embrace the medium. Take for example the book Our Choice by Al Gore. Sure you might be a little tired of hearing that southern drawl tell us how we are wrecking the planet but this book on a tablet is much more than that. It's visual, interactive, includes multimedia and exploits the interface of the device its being read on. In fact, its not really called an Ebook but called an App. Check out the promo:

And the walk through of the features:


Joe Sisco said...

I really need an Ipad... right now.

Tina said...


Thank you Doug.

Douglas Sadler said...

I would love to take credit for this find but I can't! David Petro found this one and I agree if our ebooks are of this quality and price it is inspirational.

Liana Cote said...

I hope digital textbooks will be this great! The possibilities are exciting.