Thursday, February 23, 2012

GUEST Blog on Free Technology for teachers

I wanted to share with our readers that I had the oppportunity to be a GUEST BLOGGER on a popular technology blog, called Free Technology for Teachers. This blog has existed since 2007, has over 3967 members, and has received many awards.

Using Microsoft Word to Create Better Word Walls
Word Walls are an effective strategy for building vocabulary with students, especially for subject-specific terms. These lists are usually posted on classroom walls and sometimes have a definition attached to them. A more interactive word wall that includes images requires students to be more active learners as they attach meaning to each of the words in the list. Teachers may post these in the classroom after first using them as teaching tools when introducing a concept. They may continue to refer to them as students make deeper connections. Another good option is to use an interactive whiteboard, allowing students to place words in the correct place in the diagrams. As a pedagogical tool, an interactive word wall requires students to attach meaning to the words and build their own definitions. Because there is no definition attached to any of the terms, there will be no reason to hide these when there is a quiz or test.
Creating these more interactive word walls is easily accomplished by making us of some of the image tools in Microsoft Word. There are 19 mathematics images ready to print as posters and a template that you may use to create your own. You may download the .pdf and just print the posters for your classroom, or use the Microsoft Word file and edit what is here, or create more of your own.You may also want to use the Mathematics Tool Kit for Teachers … it will make your job a lot easier when you are creating those beautiful mathematics documents.


Anonymous said...

NIce job Joe. The legend continues!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to use the free technology information at my school, however, our equipment is so outdated, the sites cannot even be opened, or if they can be opened, some of the images are missing! Now what?! Thanks.