Friday, March 9, 2012

Pinterest in the Classroom

It seems that the fastest growing social network site is Pinterest. To give you a sense of how fast, in September 2011, there was about 350,000 users. In December there was about 1.3 million and now just over 3 million. Sure, that's no Facebook but that is a 1000% increase in users in about a half a year. And by all accounts, the users are like junkies.

If you are not sure what Pinterest is, then you are in the same boat as me. It has been compared to a cross between Delicious and Facebook. Delicious is a social bookmarking site and Facebook is MySpace Ver 2.0 (You can Like that if you wish). Full disclosure: I joined Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and haven't done a thing with it. I have been a user of Delicious for about 3 years and have over 1000 links now (mostly about math - go figure) so moving to a new social bookmarking site might be a lot of work. I am not sure why I joined Pinterest but this video has actually inspired me to give it a closer look as a collaboration tool in the classroom.

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