Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Mr. Spurdza's Grade 7 Class at St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School uses Google Apps for Education and the Provincial Virtual Learning Environment, or vLE, to learn and communicate, anywhere, anytime. Mr. Murphy, the Computers in Education teacher, is also part of this great learning environment. One of the fun things they did as a class was to create a collage of their names using a Google Drawing

This "live" drawing allowed each student to add their name to the wall, complete with their own colours and font! This drawing started with one name and evolved into this cool image. 

One of the great features of Google Apps for Education, or MyTools2Go, is the ability to "publish" files,  to the web.  Any file that is "published to the web" is "live"!

So, think of the possibilities:

  • student presentations (slideshows) can be posted, and every time the student updates the presentation, it is updated on the website, or vLE
  • teachers can create and post live "LEARNING GOALS" documents, that are updated as they build
  • classes can create and collaborate on mindmaps and timelines that can grow as they read a novel, introduce a new concept, or review a lesson
  • teachers can create a Google presentation of class photos, post the presentation, and every time they add a photo, it is updated live for students and parents to view anytime, anywhere
This is a great use of Google Presentations in Ms. Côté-Montminy's Aboriginal Voices class
at Holy Names School. This "live" presentation is updated every time any member
of the group of students adds/modifies a slide.
    Mr. Murphy (Sparty) is a fan of a certain Michigan-based football team. Can you tell which one?
    This is also a Google Drawing posted live on the vLE

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Kelly Power said...

Thank you for sharing! These are great ideas to inspire students to create interesting content for the web. It's great to have students learning from other students!