Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TES... A Must-have Resource for All Teachers (GUEST POST)

The Largest Network of Teachers in the World

TES is a UK based network site for teachers. This website offers a collection of over 400 000 teaching resources that can be used in the classroom. Free sign-up is required in order to access the resources and other offered features of the site.
Resources from the following levels can be accessed:

  • pre-elementary
  • elementary
  • secondary 
  • special education (SEN: Special Education Needs)
  • whole school resources

TES also includes a forum, job postings (UK) and access to the TES magazine. 


1) This website provides links to Teacher TV
(Embedded and downloadable videos that can be used to enhance lessons at the primary and secondary level)

2) Lesson plans-nearly every subject area
(Usually in the form of Word documents)

3) Power point and Smart Board lessons

4) Variety of classroom resources

5) Opportunity to network with other educators

6) iboard (new to TES)-free 30 day trial 
includes full unit plans and units of work, additional printable materials and access to premium interactive resources.

Teachers can find ENTIRE UNITS of work, TEACHING IDEAS,
and SKILL BUILDERS (online activities)

The greatest part I find about TES is that once you I have found lessons and power-point/smart board presentations that I want to use, they can easily be saved to the desktop to allow for editing to suit my needs. 

Stephanie Pellett is a teacher at Catholic Central High School, 
she is interested in health and wellness and looks forward to her next teaching opportunity! 
Good day, Mate!

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