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A new iPod for free... really

Are you the owner of a 1st generation iPod Nano?

Apple is replacing these units for free with the latest iPod 6th generation nano at no cost to the consumer. 

Simply complete the online form, Apple sends you a UPS box for you to send back the old unit, drop it off at any UPS store, and wait for your new iPod.

I have done this myself and within 4 days of completing the online form,
 I received my new iPod nano with 8 GB of space.


David Petro said…
Yes, this is true. We did this for our iPod Nano (which had nothing wrong with it) and now have a new one. It took a while though. I actually don't recall how long. But it was long enough for us to completely forget about it and then one day this new iPod showed up at our door.
Douglas Sadler said…
Battery Problems has lead to the RECALL. Good news for all GEN 1 customers!