Monday, October 15, 2012

New(ish) Youtube Feature

Have you ever wanted to share only part of a YouTube video. Well, it turns out that you can (sort of). Take for example Vi Hart's latest fun math video about Hexaflexagons seen below
Although this is a great video, my favourite part is when she creates a hexaflexagon with a pita. That happens at 3:45 into the video. So I click on the Share button and I now have a choice of starting the video somewhere other than the normal position
So now when I copy the new link the video should start exactly where I want. Click here to get the new starting point. Note, however, you cannot embed a video with this feature but you can link to it (at least I haven't figured out how to embed it). Now this doesn't eliminate the rest of the video (so you cannot get rid of content you don't want seen) but it can let you get right to the point when showing a video

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