Sunday, May 22, 2011

Citation Builder - Easy Online MLA or APA Format Assistance

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Citing your work is very important. Citing your work properly is even more important. Thanks to my colleague Karen Kasic,  I found out about this great website that can assist students to cite properly in either MLA or APA format.

The site can be located at the following link:  OERB You must be logged in to the OERB for this link to work.  Instructions are below.   The OERB or Ontario Educational Resource Bank is available to Ministry of Ontario Students and Teachers.  The best way for WECDSB teachers is to access the OERB through the Staff Portal:

Thanks to Urs Bill from e-learning Ontario you can find the citation builder here:

The link to the Citation Builder in this blog will only work if you are already logged into the OERB, and have clicked on the "Search" icon.
You can also find the Citation Builder resource (along with over 20 000 other resources in the OERB) by searching for it, either by typing in
"Citation Builder" or by searching for it by it's ELO number, which is ELO1198120

The site will give you the option of wether you would like the details about citing read to you or not.

Once the site demonstrates why you should cite materials and how you can build your own citations using MLA and APA for different media:

Students can easily fill out the online forms:

and then copy and paste the citation into their work.

Teachers have commented that one students use this resource a few times they eventually get the hang of it and just source their work on their own quicker.  This is great evidence that this tool can support students to source correctly but not become a crutch.

Please feel free to comment below on your experience with the Citation Builder!

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