Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learn360 - Multimedia Educational Resources

OSAPAC has licensed the Learn360 video library for Ontario teachers to access.  The multimedia library is composed of  resources from TVO, Nelvana, PBS, National Geographic, Standard Deviants, Slim Goodbody, Sunburst Media, and others. Teachers and students have access thousands of educational videos, video clips, newsreels, audio and video files, and still images. All of the full-length videos and video clips are aligned to Provincial standards.  


1)  Access the OERB (Ontario Educational Resource Bank) through the STAFF PORTAL.

2) Click on the OERB Icon and 
    then choose the Search Icon.

3) For this example search for "Combustion Engines"  

Next Choose LEARN 360 in the Data Base to Search line.

4) A list of resources that matched your search will appear.  Click on a video of your choice to view it.

Depending on how your computer is setup you may choose between Quick Time and Windows video formats

The video will appear in a browser player like the one below.  Full Screen, and volume options are available.

Each video has information tabs below it containing an 

overview, list of related segments, teacher resources,

provincial standards covered and citations.

Once in the system you can access the search menus on the left to continue your search for more videos.

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chad said...

I just love learning 360, the clips are current and engaging for the students. You can save clips to your favourites and there is no waiting for the Courrier truck! I also save the non A&E clips on to my memory stick so if the network is down I can still use the clip. I am looking for History teachers to swap clips with, give me an e-mail if interested.

Chad Barrette