Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cool Tools for Schools (GUEST POST)

Have you ever required an online tool or application for your classroom but didn’t know where to look?
Was the IT Guru or local tech geek unavailable for questioning?

If so check out Cool Tools for Schools.   

This website will not only have the tool you are searching for but also some you didn’t know you needed yet.  Explore the comprehensive collection of applications and teacher resources.  Cool Tools for Schools is an award winning wiki designed as a Web 2.0 Tools database with direct links and write-ups to provide quick access for students and teachers alike.
There are over 20 different categories such as writing, research, presentations, storage, audio, converters, mapping, graphing. (located on the left side of the screen)

This vast collection of educational applications was assembled by Lenva Shearing of Bucklands Beach Intermediate School in New Zealand. 

Definitely worth adding to your internet favourites!

This Guest Post was contributed by:
Josh Spina - Josh is a Technology Design teacher at Catholic Central High School and 
Please visit his class website at:

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