Thursday, April 5, 2012

Post Content Quickly and Easily

Embedit is a free website that allows users to embed any file into your website. I have embedded examples of files below - in different formats (.pdf, .docx, .jpg).

Embedit makes it convenient for your viewers to see and interact with your content right in their browser with no need to prompt for any software download or account for variability in user experience. Experience never-before-possible control over the documents and files on your website.
I have provided examples of the 3 ways that you can choose how your viewers experience your documents...

#1. Embed the document directly in your webpage

#2. Create a thumbnail in an overlay on top of the page

#3. Create a link that opens in an overlay on top of the page

After opening any file, you will notice that viewers can easily zoom, view full-screen, scroll through, print and download any document.

Another great feature is that Embedit allows users to control the level of access they provide for viewers. When you embed a file you may choose a combination of any of the choices below.

Thank you to Ian Cullion at Catholic Central for this contribution.

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