Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Great new GIZMOS

GIZMOS, a piece of OSAPAC software, that is much loved and used by teachers and students in the WECDSB, and in Ontario, has released 2 new GIZMOS for Science, including one that will be very beneficial in the Mathematics classroom as well. 

As with all new GIZMOS, resources include:
  • a Student Exploration Guide & Key (in Word and .pdf format)
  • a Teacher Guide (in Word and .pdf format)
  • a Vocabulary Sheet (in Word and .pdf format)
  • Assessment Questions

 The DIGESTIVE SYSTEM GIZMO allows students to arrange the organs and structures of the human digestive system in any way they like. By measuring how well different nutrients are digested and absorbed, students can discover for themselves the important role that each organ plays in the digestive process. Perhaps somebody can use this Gizmo to improve the design of our own digestive system!

The second new Gizmo focuses on an important skill in all areas of science and math: the ability to convert a measurement or value from one unit to another. The UNIT CONVERSIONS GIZMO allows students to answer questions such as "What is the height of Mount Everest in kilometers?" or "How fast is sprinter Usain Bolt in miles per hour?" With 55 preset problems (and 12 additional randomized questions) to choose from, students will get plenty of practice converting distance, time, speed, mass, volume, and density units. 

For more information, please read the latest edition of the
Please contact Joe Sisco for Registration information for GIZMOS and all OSAPAC software.

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