Thursday, November 15, 2012

Contact Parents and Students via Text Message

Teacher-Parent communication is an important part of any school-home relationship. Getting messages to parents can sometimes be an issue and the novelty of Robo-calls is wearing off "St. Thomas of Villanova calling, Please hold.....". But what if you could text message your parents or students the latest class news, or that there is a test coming up without them knowing your phone number? Well, it turns out you can do it with a free service like Remind 101.

Once set up, you can send a text message from the Remind 101 website or from an app on your phone and that message will go out to anyone who has signed up for your service. The whole process is pretty simple. First go to the site and create an account. When you create your account, you will want to use your real name as the messages will be sent out using that name. Next you will be asked to name your first class.
Remind 101 will then generate a unique tag for your class.
That's it. You have just created a class. Now, how do you get that class populated with your students and the parents of your students? They have two simple ways to do this. They can either send a text message that has the message of your class tag or send an email with your class tag. If they send a text message, your messages will bet texted to them. If they send an email, your messages will be emailed to them. They even provide a custom pdf of the instructions that you can send ou:
When someone texts the number they will get an immediate text back asking for their name to identify themselves and they are added directly to your mailing list. All that is left is for you to create a message:

They will even send you a little notification if they think you are texting too late:
Here is what they will see on their phones:
And this is just the beginning. Take a look at the Remind 101 Promo Video

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