Monday, November 12, 2012


This is the fourth of a five-part series that answers the question, "WHY BLENDED LEARNING?"

Teachers… are you asking these questions?

1)   How can I post class work, lessons, and resources for my students to access online?

2)   How can I incorporate more multimedia (video, audio, flash) into the daily learning?

3)   Is there a place where students can submit work and I can assess their learning… entirely online?

4)   How can I differentiate my instruction and inspire collaboration to meet the needs of all of my students?

5)   Is there something I can use to help students build an electronic portfolio?

may be the answer…

The LMS allows teachers to provide differentiated learning paths with the ability to:
  •  ‘release’ course content to individual students when they are ready
  • direct individual students to different learning activities
  • post content for split classes all in one place

Download the PRINTABLE VERSION and learn how you can start

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