Monday, November 26, 2012


This is the last of a five-part series that answers the question, "WHY BLENDED LEARNING?"

Teachers… are you asking these questions?

1)   How can I post class work, lessons, and resources for my students to access online?

2)   How can I incorporate more multimedia (video, audio, flash) into the daily learning?

3)   Is there a place where students can submit work and I can assess their learning… entirely online?

4)   How can I differentiate my instruction and inspire collaboration to meet the needs of all of my students?

5)   Is there something I can use to help students build an electronic portfolio?

may be the answer...

   All K-12 students in Ontario schools now have access to an online tool called ePortfolio. This tool allows students the opportunity to build an online collection of their work and achievements. Within ePortfolio, users may include documents, graphics, audio files, presentations, and more that reflect their personal learning journey. Ideally, students will begin building their ePortfolio today and continue to reflect upon and refine it as they continue to gather artifacts from their learning.

   This personal showcase may then be shared with teachers, fellow students, parents, and future employers. e-Learning Ontario and Desire2Learn has made ePortfolio completely portable, giving students the ability to ‘take this with them’ when they graduate.  

Download the PRINTABLE VERSION and learn how you can start

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