Sunday, April 3, 2011

Access your files anywhere!

Files too big to send through e-mail? Want to have access to your files from any computer? Start living in the cloud.
One really easy option is DROPBOX.

Dropbox is online software that syncs online and across your computers. Put files in your Dropbox folder on one computer and they will automatically appear on any other computers that have dropbox installed... and in your Dropbox space online.

Another simple option is to create a website and store files for easy access at any time. Instead of sending files through e-mail, simply direct requests to your website where people can download anything they want, when they want.

I have shared my website as an example. please click here to access my website I do not really make this entirely public, but use it more to share files that are too large to send through e-mail.

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Douglas Sadler said...

I love dropbox and I use it all the time. With every dropbox account you get 2 gigs of free space and can get more by either purchasing (the boring way) or inviting friends. Every friend you invite you get an extra 250MB of space and your friend gets access to a fabulous file sharing site!! I would l love to share with you (email me) or even better share with each other and build your space.

One aspect of dropbox is really quite intriguing. Joe focused on the ability to share large files with a public folder which will avoid the bounce back with email. I love dropbox to synchronize my computers. Dropbox creates a folder on any computer you install it on. If you access a file in that folder (a Word File) it will automatically synchronize it on EVERY device you have installed dropbox on.

A fantastic FREE Cloud app.