Friday, April 29, 2011

W.E.C.D.S.B. Website is Multilingual!

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District school board website is now available in many different languages.  Simply click on the drop-down box at the top of the site and choose a new language.  Google offers a conversion tool that will convert all recognizable words and characters and convert it.

On the left is a copy of the site in French: 

The following languages are available:

The power of this technology does not end there.  Google Translate will you to translate virtually anything!

From the Google Translate website above teachers and students can paste work into the box and choose from over 50 langages to translate.

If you would like an entire website translated just past the link into the window and violla you will have the website translated for you:




Please try out Google Translate and return to this post and comment on the site and how you used it!

Google Translate is also available on theApple iOS and Andriod smartphones.  The app allow you to speak and capture your words and even read your text to you! 

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