Friday, April 8, 2011

Prezi The Online ( Cloud ) Presentation Tool AND PREZI QUEST!

During our PD sessions today the team used a neat presentation tool called Prezi.  Many staff had questions about how it was done and would like to create there own.  Prezi is free and can be found at .  All of your presentation created in Prezi would be stored online for access anywhere and can be downloaded for non-interent friendly locations.

Prezi is unique because there is only one presentation workspace and the viewer manipulates the presentation by viewing it at different zoom levels throughout.  The presenter can move through the presentation in a sequence or can move freely about the presentation.

Below is a simple example of one of my first Prezis!  It is a little dated now but is an example of simple presentation that was enhanced by the use of Prezi. It took about 2 hours to create.

The entire presentation can be viewed at the top level:

The user can decide at what view level and order they want prezi to use when you look at different parts of the presentation.

Zoom Again

Here is an very good example of an advanced Pezi!

Other Applications:

As you can see above teachers can "embed" or place prezis into web pages for users to view and manipulate on there own.  Prezi applications:

  1. Post Prezis on a website for students to access the information again or for students who were absent.  Prezis can be setup to work in a predisposed sequence so the viewer receives the material the same way it was presented.
  2. Assignments could be outlined using Prezi and Posted.
  3. Students could be encouraged to create their own Prezi on any topic?
  4. Prezi Quests!
The Prezi Quest

Give the student a list of questions that can point to a group of answers.  I will use math for this example:

You can begin your Prezi Quest with a question in the middle.

Students could then choose their answer and move on to the next question.  Naturally it would take more time if they choose the wrong answer but that is part of the process.

This is just a very simple example that doesn't have all the answers but it is a starting point,

I would love for you to comment on PREZI or any of your ideas below!

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