Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Tech Information Just Got Easier!

A new feature is available on the WECDSB IT Blog - Don't Fight Tech, Use the Right Tech.  Viewers can now sign up and receive updates in their email! Simply enter your email address into the box like the one to the right. A confirmation email will appear in your mailbox.  You must click on the link located in the email before this service is active.

Mobile Access:

If you access the WECDSB IT blog on your mobile phone the blog will automatically be reformatted for optimal viewing!

Check out the sample to the left.

Another way to access blogs or other websites is to use RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is a group of web feed formats that allow for frequent updating. Most major websites will host RSS feeds and usually use the symbol on the left to advertise that fact.

Rather than visit individual websites that are flush with advertising and other links designed to attract your attention you can reverse the process and have the information from those sites come to you.
RSS content can be read by software called a "RSS reader", "feed reader" or "aggregator". The user can choose what feeds or websites they would like to track and all the newest information will be brought into the reader and notify the user. You can search the latest content of an unlimited amount of websites in one place. Most Browsers incorporate an RSS reader. Google offers an excellent reader called GOOGLE READER

For a FAST SIMPLE Demonstration View the video below:

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