Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apple offers Training for EPP Participants

Apple has offered to host two information sessions for WECDSB employees who participated in the EPP and would like to learn more about their purchases.

One session will focus on the iPad and how teachers can use their iPad to it's full capacity.  There will be an opportunity for questions and participants are asked to bring their iPad with them to follow along

The second session will focus on the Mac OS that is automatically installed on every new imac, macbook, macbook pro, or mac air.  Often new users are unaware of a host of standard features on the Mac OS that will enhance your computing experience.

Session 1:  Introduction to the iPad

Date: Tuesday April 12, 2011

Time:  4:00pm - 5:30pm

30 Seats Available:  First Come First Serve

Session 2:  Introduction to your Mac/ Mac OSX

Date: Tuesday April 12, 2011

Time:  5:30pm - 7:00pm

30 Seats Available:  First Come First Serve


Michelle S. said...

I wish I could attend the workshop, but I am unavailable that night.
With all due respect, it will be nice to have a presentation at the Board Office where wireless connections are available. What can be done at schools where there are no wireless connections? Are there programs that can be used without a wireless connection? There are not many worthwhile applications available without an internet connection- unless I am missing something?!
Will there be another workshop available in the future to help people like me?! Thanks!
Michelle S.

Douglas Sadler said...

Hi Michelle,

There are many applications that can be done on an iPad that do not require an Internet connection. I agree with you it would be a much better experience with wifi but there are are offline apps.

The sessions are being hosted by Apple for those who made purchases at the EPP. The questions are not necessarily for classroom use only. We will certainly be discussing personal use of the iPad.

The board is always looking for ways to improve student and teacher access to technology. Wifi is definitely being looked at but there are many demands on the IT budget.

I do not have any information on other workshops for now.

Thank you for your comments.